On Fairness


In the land of the fair go what is the true cost of growing inequality?

Most of us believe in fairness. Why then do we have creeping inequality in the land of the fair go? The answer lies in stagnant wage rises, gender pay inequity, insecure work and the lack of real opportunities for all while corporations are still consuming large profits and executives claim record bonuses.

Sally McManus confronts these truths every day. In On Fairness, she explores the true cost of social injustice and argues for advancing Australia fair.

All proceeds from the sale, and donations, will go towards the Change the Rules campaign.

Book Details

  • Author: Sally McManus
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780522874853
  • Publisher: Melbourne University Press
  • Length: 100 pages

About Sally McManus

Sally McManus is the 10th elected ACTU Secretary in the organisation's 90-year history and the first woman to hold the position. Sally was previously the NSW and ACT Secretary of the Australian Services Union and ACTU Campaigns Director.