United Notebook


Feel inspired with the limited edition United notebook, featuring lyrics from Hold That Line by Geoff Francis and Peter Hicks.

The high quality, white 80gsm recycled pages are subtly grey-lined, and feature a thick card warm yellow cover with the lyrics in navy. This notebook is carefully printed, assembled and saddle-stitched by unionised workers in Australia.

This notebook features 48 pages and an internal note cover-page that ensures you keep track of your notebooks by year and month. It also includes a contact section to ensure your notebook is returned if it is ever lost. With this notebook, you can keep a track of meetings, activities, and ideas as you organise, build power and change the world. 

These limited edition notebooks are a wonderful gift for the activist or unionist in your life - although you may want to keep them for yourself.

Features & Material

• Each notebook has 48 pages.
• Printed on 80 gsm, 100% Australian-made, recycled paper.
• Made by unionised workers in New South Wales.
• Dimensions: 250 x 175 (B5).