Organiser Notebook A4

Organiser-Notebook-A4-Black-Spiral-94 $12.95

Organisers get things done. We change things out in the world. We build power. And, as Saul Alinsky said "Much of an organiser’s daily work is detail". Organisers don't keep notes to remember them later; we keep notes to remember them now. 

That's where this Organiser Notebook comes in. It's the place to keep your notes from the field, and it's made specifically for union organisers. 

With this paper, it is easier to stay organised by keeping your notes and action items clearly distinguished. The 80mm white ruled lines also include a subtle square grid pattern to assist with notes and diagrams. The back of the page also includes a half-page 80mm dot-grid, giving you even more freedom to draw diagrams or take notes. The paper is spiral bound on the left long-edge.

This paper was developed over two years by observing the note-taking habits of union organisers. As a result, it caters to organisers' specific needs to keep notes and track action items from meetings. Organisers or anyone else who wants to structure their notes and actions into organised text and diagrams will find this note pad delightful.

Ensuring every measure is taken to minimise impact on the environment, these notebooks and are recyclable, biodegradable and created with materials harvested from certified sustainable forests.

Now go, get things done. Change the world. 

• Size: A4 (210 × 297 millimeters)
• Pages: 94
• Colour: Black (412 C) |  Black spiral bound
• 100% Australian made, and printed and assembled in Australia by unionised workers.
• Printed on acid free, pH neutral, 80gsm, recycled paper.